Well hello there, Royals! We’ve heard you’re looking for a job to become financially independent. Good for you. You can’t keep on living off your granny forever.

Meghan, we can totally see you working in communications and PR. But Harry, you haven’t got any serious job experience. Good chap in the army though, respect. I guess we can put you on our UK-EU Bridgeneers project, as a junior. You’re used to being the junior. And British.

You’ve been going against the grain, challenging conventions. Great, that’s in our (plain red, not blue) blood too. At Absoluut, we have a tradition of employing misfits: failed lawyers, teachers, philosophers, painters, rock stars and even someone from the Netherlands.
I’m sure you’ll fit in and feel at home: our office is in a Tower! We even have our second home in London. Convenient when you get homesick.

It gets better. We work exclusively for organisations and companies that somehow strive for a greater good while going about their business. You guys are big on charities right?

Sounds like a match!

So, interested? Mail us at

I couldn’t find you on LinkedIn so please include a CV.

Not a royal, but into communications anyway?
We’re always looking for extraordinary talent.
Current Job openings:

Senior Strategist & Advisor
(min. 5 years experience)

You rule briefings, campaigns and win every Battle Royale.

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