In recent years, Flemings have become avid cyclists and runners. And kudos to them for this! But do we also know how important it is to stay healthy while practising sport?

Time to encourage Flemings to be healthy in sport, without detracting from the fun of it, without inspiring a fear of injuries or encouraging them to visit their GP in droves.

Your body is your best piece of equipment. Take care of it”. A slogan that was transposed to TV ads on Flemish TV channels één and canvas, for which we combined body painting with animation.

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You can go to to find out what type of athlete you are and receive personal tips to prevent injuries. We also provided support for the campaign with online banners, a social media campaign and a series of stunts at various events, including the Antwerp 10 Miles, the Brussels 20K and the BPost Cycling Tour. The autumn sequel to the campaign targeted sports clubs. They received information and promotional materials, including temporary tattoos and a “bike heart”.

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