The communication for Bokrijk, the park that takes you on a journey through the twentieth century, was in need of an update. The park gained a great new asset with its “The Sixties” exhibition.

We developed an image campaign, which will allow the park to promote itself to people of all ages in the following years, in a new, fresh and omnipresent way.

The campaign imagery combines the authentic 1900s with the Swinging Sixties, with a fresh look & feel. Bokrijk’s slogan, “Experience 100 years in a day”, immediately explains what Bokrijk has to offer and what you can experience there. We transposed the concept into posters, programme brochures, ads and in communication throughout the park.

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In the summertime, a Bokrijk tram connected all the Belgian seaside resorts. We also created instant happiness at the Gladiolen festival and during the Ghent Festivities with a hint of Bokrijk Sixties.

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