You mainly learn about a healthy lifestyle at home. Are you the kind of parent who drinks a lot of soft drinks and spends all their free time lounging on your sofa? Then chances are your children will do the same. It’s as simple as that. But how do you warn people about the dangers of this, as a government, without pointing the finger?

Tom Helsen, a father of four, shows young parents the way forward. He wrote the campaign song and told his story on TV and radio, at MNM, Van Gils en Gasten, Karrewiet, Joe and Qmusic. In Dag Allemaal magazine, famous Flemings explained how they lead a healthy life and signs were put up near the fruit and veg stands in neighbourhood shops.

The campaign was supported with a radio wave on the most popular radio and TV stations in Flanders and a strong push in social media. And what a success it was! The YouTube clip already racked up about 430,000 views and the positive response continues unabated.

YouTube views
neighbourhood shops
school visits by Tom Helsen
likes on YouTube
vegetables in a starring role
times on the radio

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