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Ronny & Joris – Absoluut

The Absoluut story

We were not called to be do-gooders, but it comes with the territory because we work with generous clients. Keywords here are ecology, entrepreneurship, diversity, education, technology, mobility, culture, tourism, public services, fewer obstacles, less waste, more knowledge, more fun. Communication is the art of change; changing behaviours, ideas, opinions, etc.

We look at the broader picture, the bigger picture, beyond traditional borders. Media is everywhere; ideas too. Experience and youth engage enthusiastically here. Creativity is not a right; it’s a duty, as is strategy. There should be no ideas without reasons. Everyone brainstorms together, until we capture the essence in a concept. Now, we’re ready for change.

Ronny Schildermans

CEO / Creative Director

Joris Mateusen

CEO / Strategic Director

Piet Schepers

Client Services Director

Tine van Hove

Account Director

Titine De Vos

Account Director

Laura Baert

Account Director

Sophie Bijnens

Account Manager

Margot Descamps

Account Manager

Sofie Vanhellemont

Account Manager

Karolien Tossyn

Account Executive

Elke Pardon

Account Executive

Majella Boon

Production Manager

Margo Bogaert

Office Manager

Katleen Boogaerts


Lauranne Staquet


Thomas Klein

Digital Communications Manager

Adriaan De Raymaeker

Social Media Manager / Online Marketer

Karlijn Van De Sype

Digital Project Manager

Michiel Hulshagen

Web Designer

Lieven Moens

Web Designer + Internet Architect

Steven Van Der Auwera

Art Director / Chief Studio

Frederik De Vlaminck

Art Director

Bram Vermeyen

Art Director

Mariet Kuipers

Graphic Designer

Ward Vanbrussel

Graphic Designer

Sam Geussens

Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Geert Cleynen

Design Director

Johan Smeyers

Art director


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