The University of Leuven’s most sinister alumnus, Andreas Vesalius, who was originally from Brussels, celebrated his 500th anniversary in 2015. An anniversary which the City of Leuven wanted to highlight with a major urban project, that ran from October 2014 until January 2015.

Absoluut gave the city-wide programme a face. A striking campaign image and the slogan ‘Vesalius kruipt onder je huid in Leuven” (Vesalius gets under your skin in Leuven) paid tribute to the world-famous physician and anatomist. The image and slogan were used in all the communication, from (interactive) posters to banners and programme brochures.

We also published an insert in Flemish newspaper De Standaard to attract visitors from outside Leuven to the urban festival.

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of blood (sweat and tears)

The urban project was a huge success. Leuven-based Museum M welcomed 58,127 visitors in just four months. The entire urban project attracted 150,000 visitors. The website tallied more than 51,000 visits and the Leuven Walks app was downloaded almost 1,000 times.

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